Affordable Animation

Please ask for a quote and see how competitive our prices compare. From pre-production to post-production, our technical support will see you through.


AAA Quality Mocap

Our studio uses state of the art technology designed to motion capture to the minute detail whilst being mobile, with real-time data


Saves You Time

Fast and efficient setup and calibration, no need for finicky motion capture suits, our system is easy and comfortable


Motion Capture Studio

We specialize in providing affordable, professional motion capture services for film, VFX, game development, dance and sports industries. Our fully mobile studio enables you to capture virtually anywhere remotely, leveraging the best technical support in the business.

Motion Capture Services

  • Motion Capture Actor
  • Consulting
  • Motion capture data processing
  • Motion editing/animation
  • Solving and retargeting
  • Rigging
  • Integration with game engines Unity or Unreal
  • Pre-visualisation
  • Casting

Feel free to ask for a sample for your production.

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